Tempoyak is a dish that originated from the fermented durian fruit. Tempoyak is a food that is usually consumed as a side dish of rice friends. Tempoyak can also be eaten directly (this is rarely done, because many are not resistant to the acidity and aroma of tempoyak itself). In addition, tempoyak used in cooking.

Tempoyak known in Indonesia (especially in Palembang Sumatra and Kalimantan), and Malaysia.untuk see the recipe you can click disini.selamat try ..

Tempoyak dough made ​​with how to prepare meat durian, either locally or durian or durian Monthong (less good because it has too much gas and water). Durian tried to be selected that have been cooked properly, are usually already visible watery. Then the durian flesh is separated from the seeds, after which a little salt. Once completed, then added with chili that can accelerate the process of fermentation. However, the fermentation process can not be too long because it will affect the final flavor.

After the above process is completed, the dough is stored in a sealed spot. Efforts are made to be stored at room temperature. Can also put in a refrigerator (not freezer-it) but will run slower fermentation.

3-5 days old Tempoyak suitable to be made because it was sour sauce but there is still a sense of sweetness. Tempoyak Sambal Teri is usually combined with fish, carp, tilapia fish or other fish.

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